Robinsons Magnolia Weekend Guide: Events and Activities for All Ages

Is the weekend fast approaching but you have nothing planned? Worry not, at Robinsons Magnolia there’s never a dull moment on Saturdays and Sundays.

With a variety of event line-ups, you’ll find yourself wanting to spend your weekend downtime here at this mall — alone or with company.

Below are their standard weekend activities and events for all ages. Pick one, attend, and enjoy:

1. Food Bazaar – A Gastronomic Adventure

If you’re an avid foodie, Robinsons Magnolia hosts a weekly weekend food bazaar at the Foodcourt (Lower Ground/ B1).

Here, you’ll get an exclusive taste of baked goods, ready-to-eat meals, local delicacies and desserts, and other food products created by participating food vendors or distributors.

Mind you, these are not available anywhere else in the mall. Take these Korean donuts, for example:

Here are more special, one-of-a-kind donut creations:

Each Pufft donut above costs PhP110.00/piece. The stall attendant shared that their presence at the Foodcourt depends on the food bazaar’s schedule.

To stay updated, check the official Facebook page of Robinsons Magnolia.

These macarons by are as equally unique, although Bizu also sells similar goods on the Upper Ground (UG).

Understandably, you may not be quite eager to buy a dozen right away without first sampling at least one flavor. Good thing, each flavor is sold per piece at PhP70.00, the best-selling of which is Camembert Salt (beige), according to the shop attendant.

There are also known Chinese food brands such as Dec and Polland that set up shop here to further distribute their goods and cater to their regular buyers.

Craving for fresh fruits? There’s at least one vendor who sells gorgeous fresh produce harvested from up north.

Drop by their stall and have a sweet whiff of their tantalizing fruits as well as quality veggies:

I tried their oranges one time I was feeling under the weather. The quality, freshness, and size of those oranges were certainly worth every penny!

This is where food bazaar vendors are concentrated at the Robinsons Magnolia Foodcourt:

You’ll find them beside the escalator coming from the main mall entrance fronting Aurora Blvd. They’re directly in front of the Ling Nam Chinese food kiosk.

2. Fun Park Delights – Unforgettable Snacking Experiences

Once in a while, food trucks would serve as main attractions at the Fun Park where people could sample their premium food creations such as wagyu beef sandwiches or ramen. But these occasions are few and far between.

In lieu of food trucks, brands like Taters would set up a cart across Cafe Breton and sell their popcorn and other snacks to the crowd enjoying the day at the Fun Park outside the Upper Ground (UG) level:

The Taters attendant I spoke to said their cart is at this location from Fridays to Sundays, weekly. So there’s no stopping you from enjoying a pre-weekend bag of their delicious popcorn if you feel like it.

Their White Cheddar flavored popcorn is the bomb! Go buy a party-sized bag. You’ll be glad you did.

3. Fair, Sale, and Exhibits at the Atrium – Stretch Your Money’s Worth

Something else to look forward to is the organized events, sales, or product exhibits at the mall’s exhibit area called the Atrium.

You will find this at Robinsons Magnolia’s main hall, right when you enter the main entrance (the one with stairs) from Aurora Blvd.:

Frequently, Toys ‘R Us owns this space, specially when the Christmas season rolls in, but also pretty much during other times of the year. The Toy Sale event below was held in late May 2023:

At the toy sale, items are often sold at enormous discounts, good enough to help you complete your Christmas toy shopping list for all your kids, godsons, nieces, nephews, and every other beloved little person in your life.

No worries, if you’re not there for the toys or other kiddie events, there are definitely fun events and activities that cater to adults, too, like these recent woodworking classes:

While men, including the truly young and young at heart, had a blast at this Takara Tomy event in April 2023:

Not to be forgotten, there are also events and exhibits for women.

This furniture exhibit by Crate & Barrel was held in early May 2023:

This jewelry stall was part of the lifestyle fair, “Soiree”, staged in the whole week of March 20, 2023:

The bottom line is there’s an event or activity for people of all ages. If you’d like to participate in the next event or activity at the Robinsons Magnolia Atrium, check Robinsons Magnolia’s official Facebook page.

Or, to get exclusive access to all events, deals, sale, vouchers, download the RMalls+ app from the Google Play Store or App Store – Apple.

4. Free Musical Concerts and Live Performances – Entertainment for All Ages

Whoever thought of this next weekend event at Robinsons Magnolia knows their market pretty dang well. Filipinos, in general, are notorious music lovers and karaoke/videoke crooners.

If listening to music is close to your own heart, head over to the Fun Park one late Saturday afternoon and enjoy a free outdoor serenade-cum-live-performance in front of Cafe Breton, near the mall entrance.

Every Friday and Saturday night, the mall features buskers (singers or musicians who play an instrument in public) playing pop love songs.

There have been quite a few who’ve graced the stage and played pop love songs on their guitar, violin, saxophone, or other instruments such as this young female violinist below:

Attributions to Rosey Tours on YouTube

Inside the mall, another kind of concert also takes place when the sun goes down.

Thanks to Robinsons Magnolia’s resident pianist, mall-goers who are more advanced in years can enjoy listening to more period-appropriate pop songs in an intimate setting from across Uniqlo.

Free seats are available.

Attributions to Rosey Tours on YouTube

Lastly, on really special occasions or seasons such as Mother’s Day or Christmas, an orchestra holds a free concert at the Fun Park where the audience can casually sit on the grass and enjoy the music.

Attributions to Rosey Tours on YouTube

In total, there are three kinds of musical events you can watch for free on Saturdays or Sundays, only at Robinsons Magnolia. All you have to do is show up, take a sit, relax, and enjoy.

5. RMalls Academy Classes for Kids – Discovering True Potential

As if the first four weekend treats are not enough, Robinsons Malls (including Magnolia) takes it up a notch by offering free classes to kids.

Below is an example of their May 2023 class schedules and the type of classes offered. The schedule includes certain weekdays, too:

Courtesy of the official Robinsons Magnolia Facebook page

Registration via the RMalls+ app is recommended on Robinsons Magnolia’s Facebook page; but when the app isn’t working, you may also register in person at the mall during one of the actual onsite classes.

Parents or legal guardians can register their kids 3 to 12 years old.

6. Adult Classes – Unleash the Inner Fun

If you think kids get all the fun at Robinsons Magnolia, guess again. Every so often, activities for adults (specifically women) would also pop up. Below is an example:

Last March 19, 2023 — curious about Pound — I went to the said free activity. Being an early riser even on weekends, the 9:00 AM class complimented my waking hours well.

It was a bright and beautiful Sunday morning when I got there.

Organizers prepared a registration table for attendees:

As it turns out, a pound fitness class consists of drumming, cardio, and strength training — which is why we were lent these plastic drumsticks:

The steps looked simple and easy; but by the time the 45-minute class was over, I was huffing and puffing and ready to drop dead on the grass.

Good thing, the lovely instructor’s cheery and encouraging demeanor got me through to the finish.

If you’re interested in pound fitness, classes as of May 2023 were being offered twice a week:

You may personally inquire at their branch on Level 2 near the mall entrance along Hemady St. (beside McDonald’s) during mall hours.

In general, to sign up for mall-organized activities like this, register via the RMalls+ app.

Have a lovely weekend at Robinsons Magnolia!


I’m Rose Bueno — your expert Robinsons Magnolia guide. I live so near this mall that I know it like the back of my hand! Get the most extensive info on where to go and what you’ll find at this mall. Thanks for dropping by.

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