Robinsons Magnolia Guest Services – Making Malling Even More Convenient

Last May 26, 2023 Robinsons Magnolia introduced its complimentary Guest Services which allows any mall-goer to borrow five essential items to help make their malling experience as convenient as possible.

What are these items?

Except for the kiddie kart, pet stroller, and wheelchair, the power bank and the umbrella can each be borrowed for a minimal deposit of PhP500.00 and PhP200.00, respectively, PLUS one valid Government ID, according to the attendant.

Given that a 10,000 Mah power bank costs nearly 10 times more, the PhP500.00 deposit is more than reasonable enough to encourage any borrower to return the item.

Actual power banks for loan

The other items can all be borrowed with no deposit.

Here’s the catch: since there aren’t too many of these to go around, they are available on a first-come-first-served basis.

As for the umbrellas, the Guest Services have yet to figure out the return policy for these since this is the only type of item currently that guests are allowed to take home with them, particularly during the rainy season.

However, the actual return date cannot be guaranteed since that would all depend on the guest borrower’s next availability.

In any case, surrendering their government ID might help encourage them to go back to Magnolia at the soonest possible time.

For the kiddie kart, the size of a child 3-6 years old seems just about right, like this little cutie in her red four-wheels:

Silver gray or white are two other color options for the kiddie kart.

Also, note the color options of the pet strollers on the left:

Here’s one of the pet strollers in actual use:

For the wheelchairs, sit up and listen well.

This is because you need to know that the Guest Services wheelchairs are different from those that belong to the Robinsons mall. Before you raise up your hands in disbelief, here’s how it works:

First, these wheelchairs bear the “R” sticker, to mark them as belonging to the mall.

As such, the Robinsons wheelchairs may be borrowed from and returned to any security personnel guarding an entry/exit point of the mall where the guest is entering or about to depart from.

For instance, the wheelchair above was returned at the Lower Ground (LG)/Basement 1 (B1) entrance/exit to the parking area.

While this one was returned at the mall’s side entrance beside McDonald’s.

On the other hand, wheelchairs managed by the Robinsons Magnolia Guest Services will bear this sticker:

Likewise, these wheelchairs may only be borrowed from and returned to the Guest Services area across H&M:

Incidentally, in front of this entrance is a loading and unloading bay; so if you’d like to go through this entrance directly, ask your driver to drop you off at H&M.

From Hemady St., you will drive past the main mall entrance with stairs before you reach H&M.

This is what this mall entrance looks like from the outside:

Remember, the complimentary Guest Services are on a first-come-first-served basis. As the popular saying goes, “The early bird catches the worm.” Get to Robinsons Magnolia as early as possible for the best chance to avail of the complimentary service and items you need.

Happy malling!


I’m Rose Bueno — your expert Robinsons Magnolia guide. I live so near this mall that I know it like the back of my hand! Get the most extensive info on where to go and what you’ll find at this mall. Thanks for dropping by.

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