Robinsons Magnolia Amenities: Discover the Mall’s Best Facilities

Experience unparalleled convenience and delight at Robinsons Magnolia Mall. Discover a range of amenities, including ATMs, free Wi-Fi, a pet park, baby care facilities, medical clinics, and more.

Here’s a rundown of the best amenities and facilities that make Robinsons Magnolia a must-visit destination for a delightful shopping experience. You’ll truly feel thankful you went malling here:

1. Convenient Automated Teller Machines (ATMs)

Rightfully, this should be on the top of the list. After all, you can’t shop, eat, and buy pretty much anything else without cash — especially in the Philippines where cash-only stores still do exist — even in the mall.

Good thing, you can withdraw in the local currency pretty much at any ATM, being aware of the transaction fees involved, if you use a non-Philippine debit card.

As long as yours has a Mastercard or Visa logo imprinted, you can use your card to withdraw cash at any local ATM here.

At Robinsons Magnolia, there are four places where ATMs may be found.

The first one is on Level 3 at the mall’s main ATM Center near the escalator from the Atrium area:

Banks with ATMs here are (L-R) Banco de Oro (BDO), Metrobank, and EastWest Bank.

The second is at the Foodcourt (Lower Ground a.k.a. Basement 1 or B1) directly to the left of the only elevator on this level.

The third ATM location is beside the entrance of the Banco De Oro (BDO) branch to the left of McDonald’s inside the mall.

You can reach this bank by going through the mall entrance to the left of McDonald’s, fronting Hemady St. Then walk straight to the right, past the security table instead of going up the escalator until you see BDO.

The fourth and last ATM is by the entrance of Robinsons Bank at the Foodcourt, beside Puffy’s:

Since this ATM is attached to the bank (as with the BDO ATMs), it’s far less likely to run out of cash, at least during banking hours on business days.

As of 2023, a cash deposit machine has been added to the bank’s facilities.

Helpful Tip

If you can, avoid withdrawing cash during local holidays and paydays (on the 15th and the 30th or 31st of the month), or on any Friday preceding these dates.

If you do, be prepared for long queues at the ATM and machines conking out or running out of cash.

2. Stay Connected with Free Wi-Fi

Need to go online while malling? No problem! Wi-fi connectivity is available inside Robinsons Magnolia by connecting to @Robinsons_FreeGoWiFi.

Once you successfully connect to the network, you will then be redirected to a window of options, allowing you to choose the total number of minutes you’d like to stay connected.

The longest is 60 minutes — long enough for you to get some work done or e-mail sent. As soon as the 60 minutes expire, you’ll get automatically disconnected.

Thereafter, you can re-connect by availing of the other free (albeit shorter) packages if you need to extend your time online.

Finally, you’ll receive a confirmation after you click on the “Free” button of your choice. Enjoy!

Helpful Tip

Disconnecting from the network before you’re time’s up will not pause your usage. Your 60 minutes will keep running, regardless if you use it up or not.

Most days, internet speed is stable and relatively fast (presumably when not too many users are simultaneously online), sometimes even allowing you to stream videos with little to no interruption.

3. A Pet Park for Your Furry Friend

The Robinsons malls were among the first in the country to allow four-legged pets (i.e. dogs) within their premises. They’re a true trailblazer, in this regard. If you’re a doting fur mom or dad who’d like to go malling with your pet(s), Magnolia will welcome you with open arms.

In fact, this mall offers a mini Pet Park on its Level 3 veranda (previously located on Level 2).

Here, small to mid-sized dogs can play and enjoy its creative obstacle courses, free of charge.

There’s also a box of plastic balls that your small furry pal can wade in, although not quite since the volume of balls isn’t deep enough.

Still, the idea is there and can serve as a fun pitstop for your dog’s course challenge.

This is the entire stretch of the mini Pet Park on the veranda of Level 3. It sits on a narrow hallway directly beside the escalator, near the mall entrance:

For the longest time, this park was located on the veranda of Level 2. So be advised that this amenity has now been relocated one level up.

4. An Outdoor Mini Playground for Kids

I’ve included this in my post, “Things To Love about Robinsons Magnolia”; but since this is technically an amenity, it deserves to be mentioned here, as well.

Called the Fun Park, this outdoor space was created for pets and humans, alike.

Its main attraction is a mini playground for kids 4 to 12 years old:

For older kids and adults, they can sit on fun stools while relaxing on the grass:

Read “Things To Love about Robinsons Magnolia” for more photos and info about this park.

5. A Private Baby Care Facility

Are you or someone you know a new mom? Well here’s another persuasive reason to choose this mall: it has at least one Baby Care area located on Level 2 near the entrance/exit to the veranda.

This facility includes a private Breastfeeding Lounge exclusive to women, only.

You’ll find it to the left of the hallway before reaching the public restrooms.

Wait ’til you see what it looks like inside!

Can you believe this? Someone could practically live here! Heck, it even looks nicer than my own room.

Now, you’ll be able to feed your little one in complete privacy, at no added cost.

As another pleasant surprise, I found this side door in the room:

This folding door leads into the facility’s very own clinic.

A nurse is onsite if you need some medical assistance, but actual clinic hours are uncertain. No schedule is posted on the clinic’s main door.

In any case, there are at least two other full-fledged clinics in the mall you can go to which shall be discussed in the next point.

Before you head out, write your name on the sheet of paper to indicate you’ve used the Lounge.

6. Medical Clinics for Hassle-free Lab Tests and Consultations

Speaking of having a clinic, there are two medical facilities inside Robinsons Magnolia, as of this post:

First is The Medical City Clinic at the Foodcourt (Lower Ground/Basement 1).

This clinic sits between the public restrooms to the right of Kenny Rogers Roasters and Razon’s of Guagua.

The second clinic, Hi-Precision Diagnostics Plus, opened its doors only last July 2022.

It may be found on the Upper Ground (UG) directly to the left of BLK 513 yogurt dessert shop.

This clinic is also directly in front of Manam resto.

Both clinics provide lab tests and are equipped with X-ray and ultrasound machines. They are both open seven days a week, but keep in mind that Hi-Precision opens and closes earlier throughout the week compared to The Medical City Clinic.

Since the mall isn’t open until 10:00 AM, you can go inside this clinic through its main entrance fronting Hemady St. for an early morning appointment:

On wheels, you’ll pass by McDonald’s, Cafe Mary Grace, Hotel Summit Magnolia, the Pet Lovers Centre, then Santi’s to the right of Robinsons Magnolia before finally reaching Hi-Precision Diagnostics Plus since Hemady St. is a one-way street.

The clinic is also accessible on foot from N. Domingo St. or Aurora Blvd., both main thoroughfares.

A second branch of The Medical City Clinic recently opened on Level 3 beside Bruno’s Barbers. This extension clinic is now the main site of patient consultations with medical specialists and general practitioners.

Helpful Tip

Mall clinics are not equipped to handle emergency cases. Proceed to the Emergency Room of the nearest hospital, should you require immediate medical attention.

7. Public Sitting Areas for Senior Citizens and All Ages

Another nice touch that the mall added in 2023 is public sitting areas both for elderly senior citizens and not-so-elderly.

This special sitting area for seniors is comprised of rocking chairs made of indigenous yantok wood. They’re located on two levels of Magnolia. The first is on Level 2 towards the escalator fronting the Atrium:

And the other one is on Level 3 near the Robinsons Movieworld:

The wooden rocking chairs were crafted by SILYA, a specialty store located somewhere on Commonwealth Ave., Quezon City.

This is the only sitting area dedicated to the elderly that may be found in the entire mall.

Elsewhere, tired mall-goers can find respite on cushy rattan sofas situated on Levels 2 and 3 of Robinsons Magnolia.

On Level 2, this is near the exit to the veranda.

On the other side of the mall, also near the entrance/exit, two more sofas may be found.

While on Level 3, more sofas are tucked away at a cozy corner beside Power Mac Center, overlooking the mall’s parking exit to Aurora Blvd.:

This area gets far less foot traffic vs. the one on Level 2. So if you’d like to take a break from the mall’s hustle and bustle, this may be the best sitting area for you.

Outside the Upper Ground level, you may sit on the benches facing the Fun Park.

8. An E-Bike Charging Station

If you happen to own an electric bike (e-bike) or know one who does, some Robinsons malls are equipped with an e-Bike charging station.

Robinsons Magnolia is one of them.

Trademarked e-chaRge, this paid charging area for e-bikes is located outside the Upper Ground (UG), fronting the Starbucks Reserve.

To its right is the Fish & Co. restaurant near the entrance from Hemady St.

This electric charging station currently offers two coin-operated charging pods which accept PhP1.00, PhP5.00, or PhP10.00 coins, for a minimum charging time of 30 minutes per cycle — you read that right; minimum.

If you want to charge longer, simply insert more coins.

Here’s the catch: you get all the 30 minutes whether you drop PhP1.00, PhP5.00, or PhP10.00 into the coin slot — just one coin. Here’s the proof, believe it!

For precautionary safety, a fire extinguisher is on hand, in case someone irresponsibly uses the charging pod and (knock on wood) a fire breaks out.

Nothing to worry about if you follow these written instructions well and don’t attempt anything beyond that when charging your electric vehicle (EV):

As stated, you need to bring your own e-bike charger and then plug it into one of the pods. This is what the power outlet looks like when you flip up the box cover:

As you can see, this can pretty much accommodate any standard plug.

Meantime, the Timer field clearly shows you how much charging time is left:

Technically, you can charge any e-bike at this station; but then, it’s probably best to charge something that could be quite inconvenient or awkward to carry away and steal, like our e-bike model below:

At best, you can secure the front wheel with a U-lock; but if you’re EV is small enough to easily whisk away, like the stand-up scooter parked beside it, you might come back to an empty space. Surprise! Your ride has just been stolen.

Why? Because the charging station does not provide any lock. If you decide to charge your e-bike there, you’ll be leaving it out in the open.

In other words, leave your e-bike at your own risk.

9. Bike Posts for Secure Parking

Complimenting the e-chaRge station are the bike posts found beside it, where you can park and lock your bike (bicycle) — or e-scooter, like the one below:

You may also park and lock your bike beside Cafe Mary Grace along Hemady St.

Once again, be reminded that you’re parking in a public space. Never ever leave your bike unlocked.

Certain people will take advantage of this if you give them a reason to. Sadly, bike theft in the area has been reported in the past. Don’t be that person who lets your bike get stolen.

Secure your two-wheeler to the post using a bike lock like this:

You can buy this online on Lazada PH or Shopee PH. Do check the Seller’s overall rating and buyers’ reviews before parting with your cash.

And, oh, take the key with you after parking. When you’re in a rush, it could be quite easy to forget little things like this. Doing a triple-check goes a long way!


I’m Rose Bueno — your expert Robinsons Magnolia guide. I live so near this mall that I know it like the back of my hand! Get the most extensive info on where to go and what you’ll find at this mall. Thanks for dropping by.

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