Robinsons Magnolia Restaurants – Upper Ground (Al Fresco Dining): A Complete Guide

Al fresco dining or dining outdoors is one of the key attractions at Robinsons Magnolia mall in New Manila, Quezon City.

Rain or shine, you’ll always have a reason to enjoy your outdoor dining experience overlooking the Fun Park and its grassy grounds.

When the rainy season strikes

And this is what makes al fresco restaurants uniquely special at Magnolia: they allow you to enjoy fresh, cool air amidst cool, relaxing greenery in the company of your friends, loved ones, or furry pal.

There’s also a wide variety of cuisines to choose from. To give you the best ideas, below are all the Robinsons Magnolia restaurants you’ll find outside the Upper Ground around and near the Fun Park:

Restaurants Near Hemady St.

1. McDonald’s

This all-American fast food is the very first of two food shops you’ll reach on wheels along Hemady St. after turning right from N. Domingo St.:

The good thing is there’s a loading/unloading point in front of Cafe Mary Grace which is a stone’s throw away from McDonald’s.

You can direct your cab or ride-sharing taxi to drop you off here:

McDonald’s is open from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM daily.


Directly across McDonald’s is the food-truck-ish vibe of new coffee store chain, PICKUP COFFEE.

With caffeine creations sold at almost half the price of high-end coffee shops, this store starts taking orders as early as 7:00 AM daily simply because they operate outside the mall structure.

If you’re looking for the cheapest early-morning java fix around New Manila, head straight to McDonald’s or PICKUP COFFEE.

3. Texas Roadhouse

As you turn right from McDonald’s walking towards the inner part of the mall, another American resto will greet you.

Based on their official website, Texas Roadhouse prepares “signature hand-cut steaks, fall-of-the-bone ribs, freshly baked bread, made-from-scratch sides”.

True to their word, they have a separate bakery that churns out their freshly-made bread. Find it here when you round the corner after McDonald’s.

Take a peek at their mouth-watering menu:

4. Cafe Mary Grace

Directly across McDonald’s is this quaint and well-loved local cafe made famous for their pillowy soft Ensaymadas and Cheeserolls drizzled with premium queso de bola.

Their homey interior induces a sense of warmth and comfort — perfect for long afternoon chats over a slice of any of their delicious cake and a hot cup of Filipino chocolate.

They have a restaurant on Level 3 which caters to diners.

5. Las Flores

As you pass through the entrance baggage check where the security guard is standing, you’ll now spot the new Spanish resto Las Flores after Cafe Mary Grace.

Below is something you might want to try at Las Flores, if you love meat. If not, you can definitely choose non-meat items on their menu such as seafood.

6. Modern Shang + Fish & Co.

Directly across Las Flores is authentic Shanghainese resto Modern Shang which shares its space with Fish & Co.

At the end of the hall approaching the No Brand Korean store are more al fresco seats for both restos:

Here are both restaurants’ sample menus:

Notice that both menus each contain a QR code which you can scan with your phone to view them online. Here they are. Feel free to scan away!

Having the menu conveniently available in your phone will let you quickly choose whatever you’d like to order next time you go back to the resto.

By the time you get there, you already know what you want, and how much it will cost you (excluding the service charge). Less stress on figuring out if the cost of your meal will stay within your budget, too, right?

Interestingly, Texas Roadhouse, Las Flores, Modern Shang, Fish & Co., and Italianni’s are all under The Bistro Group, “a collection of international hospitality casual dining brands and homegrown concepts.”

7. Ippudo

As you turn the corner from Las Flores, you’ll next come upon Ippudo, an international Japanese ramen restaurant chain.

8. Italianni’s

A few meters away, authentic Italian resto Italianni’s isn’t far off.

A crowd favorite, this restaurant prepares great Italian food for families, using homemade recipes made from scratch.

9. Starbucks Reserve®

Directly across Italianni’s is Starbucks Reserve®, one of two Starbucks branches at Robinsons Magnolia.

On a clear weather
On a rainy day
Early evening on good weather

10. Cafe Breton

Finally, after Italianni’s is Cafe Breton where you will taste the most incredible (albeit expensive) crepe creations from any cafe. Their hot chocolate is also a definite must-taste.

Right after Cafe Breton is the main entrance to the mall from Hemady St.

From this point on, the rest of the Upper Ground (UG) al fresco restos are now situated parallel to the Aurora Blvd. side.

Walk towards the right of the entrance.

And the rest of the al fresco restos on the Upper Ground (UG) level will soon reveal themselves.

Rainy afternoon outdoor dining

Restaurants Parallel to Aurora Blvd.

11. Ikinari Steak

First is the soon-to-open Ikinari Steak resto.

Originally from Japan, this dining place literally means “sudden steak”.

Their goal is to serve steaks in the shortest amount of time while being mindful of giving you a top dining experience.

Their space used to be occupied by the Black Scoop Cafe which sadly closed in 2022 after the pandemic took a hit on the local food industry.

Black Scoop Robinsons Magnolia at night, back when it was open

12. Conti’s

In contrast, Filipino Conti’s Bakeshop & Restaurant to its right remains open and is still going strong.

Al fresco sitting area for Conti’s resto diners

Conti’s Bakeshop is most famous for its Mango Bravo cake and other baked goods.

On the restaurant side, there are also a lot of choices to be desired.

They have a full-course, all-day menu that will leave you truly feeling full and satisfied.

Servings are hefty (at least for moderate eaters) — definitely great value for your money!

13. Botejyu

Next to Conti’s is Botejyu to its right.

They’ve been around since the 1940s. This restaurant offers authentic Japanese traditional cuisine (and I hope to sample it soon). Take a soft peek at some of their culinary offerings:

14. Bad Bowl

After Botejyu comes Bad Bowl eat-all-you-can Mongolian restaurant for an unlimited hot pot food experience.

15. Ramen Nagi

Next to it is a consistent crowd favorite, Ramen Nagi.

This restaurant prides itself as the “Best Tasting Authentic Japanese Ramen in the Philippines”.

They are most known for their Original King (Butao) ramen bathed in the resto’s award-winning signature tonkotsu pork broth. For a spicy alternative, try the Red King.

16. Crisostomo

Next comes another beloved local restaurant called Crisostomo which cooks all-Filipino cuisine.

Top off your dining experience here with a “dirty” ice cream dessert treat from their adorable ice cream cart, Elias.

“Dirty” ice cream is named as such because ice cream carts similar to Elias are used by local vendors to peddle these frozen delights on foot on the streets.

Both the carts and the ice cream are 100% locally made but are not in any way dirty. 🙂

Fun Fact

Crisostomo and Elias are inspired by characters with the same names from “Noli Me Tangere” (Touch Me Not), a Spanish novel written by Filipino national hero Jose Rizal. Published in 1887, this literature became instrumental to his eventual public execution by the then-reigning Spanish government in the Philippines.

17. Breakfast at Antonio’s

Before we move on, turn your gaze across the park and you’ll spot the newest kid on the block — the most anticipated Breakfast at Antonio’s resto originally based in Tagaytay City, south of Metro Manila.

Perfect afternoon
An evening view from the veranda
Loyal patrons can’t get enough of Antonio’s

18. UCC Park Cafe

Now, if having a good cup of joe is more your thing after a delicious and satisfying meal, you can casually scoot over to the UCC Park Cafe at the corner beside Crisostomo.

Incidentally, this Japanese coffee shop has no al fresco seats, but inside the mall they do.

Beside UCC Cafe, there are also more seats for Crisostomo diners inside the mall.

19. Greyhound Cafe

The last resto on the block is Greyhound Cafe which — like Breakfast at Antonio’s — just recently opened. Magnolia’s newest cafe resto offers Thai food with a twist.

You’ll find this immediately to the right of the other back entrance of the mall beside the Magnolia Residences condo parking area.

Parking area of the Magnolia Residences

Here’s a preview of how Greyhound Cafe puts a spin on their Thai food creations.

If you’re game for modern Asian cuisine, this resto might be worth your while.

20. Treeline Ales

Finally, across the park is Treeline Ales, a hidden brewery that could prove to be a drinker’s paradise if you’re looking for a quiet sip or two of freshly brewed ale.

What’s really cool is a full view of their onsite brewery:

The best way to reach Treeline Ales is by turning left after the No Brand Korean store which comes after Modern Shang and Fish & Co. by the end of the hall.

Then walk to where the lady’s headed

This is what it looks like coming from Treeline Ales:

Keep walking along the hall until you find these seats on the left side of the hallway:

Directly across would be the entrance to the brewery, as earlier shown.

Inside, a cozy 30-seater pub awaits, which you can enjoy by yourself or with your drinking buddies.

These are the brewed beverages on the menu, as of early June 2023:

The flavors change monthly or every few weeks, but there are three standard flavors (according to the store attendant) that stay on the menu.

These are Cascadia IPA, Grape Escape Hard Seltzer, and Fat Cat (ran out of stock on the day the photo of the menu was taken).

Along with these brewed concoctions, you may choose any or all of the following to go with your drink:

Currently, these are the only beer matches available at Treeline Ales Robinsons Magnolia.

Keep in mind that this brewery opens at 3:00 PM and serves customers until late at night. So expect this place to get packed when the sun goes down — and they do.

So be sure to come early enough before all the seats get taken.

If you happen to come too late, a bit of a good news still. You can buy and take home their beer in cans, to help quench your thirst:

Each can is priced similarly to the items on the menu.

There you have it! A complete rundown of ALL the al fresco restaurant on Robinsons Magnolia Upper Ground (UG).

Drop by, eat, unwind, and enjoy an amazing meal at any of the fine restos here.


I’m Rose Bueno — your expert Robinsons Magnolia guide. I live so near this mall that I know it like the back of my hand! Get the most extensive info on where to go and what you’ll find at this mall. Thanks for dropping by.

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